canal construction

We are specialists in water engineering facilities and water and traffic infrastructure. We have already successfully implemented numerous projects in the fields of water supply pipes, sewerage pipes and water and sewerage connectors.
We are a modern and reliable partner for your construction projects with all necessary permits and various references. Our experienced engineers accompany you as subcontractors or main contractors through the whole project.  

Our services:

  • engineering
  • construction work
  • excavation services and protection of construction pit
  • construction site supervision
  • services of the civil engineering expert witness and real estate appraiser
  • rental services of construction machinery and  specialised equipment

Our projects often directly reflect on the development of municipal infrastructure. We take this contribution to the overall urban development very seriously and put emphasis on sustainable concepts regarding the environment and citizenry.



Before the realisation of construction works we can support also with engineering and consulting in construction and supervision. Our professional and experienced staff have many years of experience in the field of water and traffic infrastructure and building construction.

Construction work

We are specialists in constructing:

  • regulated and protective water engineering facilities
  • municipal water engineering facilities:
    • facilities for public drainage – channels for collecting and draining waste water, combined drainage system for waste water and storm water, collectors, pumping stations, sewage treatment plants, lagoons and other structures related with these buildings, including secondary network
    • facilities for public water supply– water-intake structures, water reservoirs, pumping stations, main water supply networks, water supply networks
  • water engineering facilities for land reclamation:
    • drainage systems
    • irrigation channels

Excavation services and protection of construction pit

We are the only building contractor in the Međimurje county that performs foundation pit protection with steel piles (Larrsen-slice lenght 6 meters). We offer excavation services in all soil categories and transport the excavated material to selected locations.

Construction site supervision

Our experts act as experienced construction site supervisors in diverse building projects. They ensure that all construction work is carried out in accordance with the building permit, Construction Law and special regulations. Quality, functioning and standard conformity of materials, equipment and systems is ensured.

Services of civil enginnering expert witness and real estate appraiser

Our civil engineering expert witness and real estate appraiser performs assessments of all types of real estate.

Rental services of construction machinery and specialised equipment

We offer rental services of our specialised equipment and machinery: excavators, compressors, aggregates, drainage pumps, plate compactors, vibratory plates, vibratory trench rammers, trench plates, steel piles …