About Us

Our mission
We are construction industry experts specialising in planning, design and implementation of sewerage and water-supply projects. Our projects are carried out with full dedication and

  • top-class professional expertise and years of experience
  • innovative solutions
  • optimal level of price and service quality
  • excellent quality

We are highly motivated by satisfied customers, employees and partners, and a strong connection with the region. Our goal is to hone our skills on a daily basis in order to convince our clients of a high-quality performance and results of our work, as well as accuracy and reliability thereof.

The company Međimurska Hidrogradnja d.o.o. is part of Edtmayer affiliated companies:
Edtmayer Systemtechnik GmbH based in Vienna, Austria, is a company for the construction of plants and specialising in individual food technology, energy supply and energy efficiency technology, process water and sewage treatment technology. www.edtmayer.at
Edtmayer d.o.o. based in Čakovec specialises in planning, implementation and operation of wastewater treatment plants: www.edtmayer.hr